Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well I really suck at this!

Sometimes I feel like people probably don't think my family is alive anymore, if only their mother and wife was more on the ball. It's been a pretty boring summer for us, not a whole lot that we have done. Me and Kevin have just been working while the kids spent the summer in daycare. It's nice becasue they have lots of activites for the school age kids and they go on lots of local feild trips. Kristopher loves going to daycare and playing with his friends. We had a new family move in a few weeks ago and they have a bot that just turned 4 and kristopher says Parker is his best friend now. That's the first thing he askes to do when he wakes up and gets home from daycare, "Can I go play with Parker?" They probably wish they hadn't moved in......Noah's first day of third grade is tomorrow, he is REALLY excited to go back to school, he has 2 teachers this year, but it's only a third grade class. Last year he was in a split 2nd/3rd grade class. Kristpoher will start preschool on the 31st and he's really excited too, he want's do do everything his big brother does. Kevin is working at Utility trailer again and we pray everyday for trailer orders to come in. Things are looking good and they are staying pretty busy. Gold's Gym is doing well and I'm staying busy as always hiring and training people plus all the other tasks that I do or that get thrown on me. I am doing well health wise, my A1C is getting better and I'm hoping to be getting the continuos blood glucose monitor here in the next couple months, which means that I will have a sensor attached to me that will read my blood sugar's all the time. My finger's will be able to have a break.
We really haven't had any vacations this summer but Kevin's parents came to speak at the Pioner Bible camp they have been doing on and off for many years. They stayed for a week. Noah is finally old enough to go to the camp so he got to spend the entire week with Grandpa and Grandma Romanosky. He had so much fun and made alot of new friends. When we were packing all his stuff we gave him Kevin's old bible to take with him for bible study, he said " Mom, do I have to read this whole thing this week??" He was relieved to find out he didn't have to, but could if he wanted.

After my car accident in April, my car stayed down in St. George to get fixed, when it was ready we headed out to go pick it up. We we hit Nephi we decided to stop and get a bite to eat at Wendy's. Thankfully we did stop because apparently we had a crack in the radiator of the blazer that ended up needing to be replaced. So I told everyone that no more trips to St. George for me becasue SOMETHING always happens to my vehicles.

Anyways I guess everyone is up to date with my family for now. I'm sure everyone's stopped checking my blog since I never update it so SUPRISE!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Updates

Well it's been a crazy few of months and things are FINALLY starting to slow down a bit. I guess since I haven't posted since october here are the holidays in a nutshell.
We went to the sand dunes with Matt,Heather, Mike, Jamie, Zoie, Joshua, Dustin and Karen. The Turkey was excellent- Mike smoked it, potatoes were great and the rolls burned, but all in all it was a fun time with good food!

Christmas: What fun! The boys got lots of toys from santa and had lots of fun unwrapping. We went to Great Grandma and Grandpas for breakfast and then to Grandpa and Grandma Mason's for lunch/dinner and had fun opening presents from cousins.
January: We haven't done much. I've been busy with work. We opened a new gym in Tooele, UT which has been the biggest opening in Gold's Gym francise history- ONE MILLION in gross membership sales. It's been great to be a part of something so big! It's been alot of work! Kevin was laid of in the middle of January so he's looking for a new job. Noah is doing great at school he rose his grades from last term and doubled his reading goal from what we set it at at the begining of the term- I'm so proud of him. Kris is doing great and getting so big, he's getting close to the big 03!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Fun!

We had a really fun Halloween. Jamie had her second annual chili cookoff. The kids had a blast dressing up. Kristopher wanted to be spiderman this year and even though I really like making their costumes, I am not that talented to pull off spiderman. He was so cute, as soon as the costume went on he transformed. Noah was Batman, which he has been before ,but this time he was "the dark knight." All the kids had fun trick or treating, Kristopher started off running to each house but started to get alittle tired when his treat bucket got fuller. Niether of them have really been eating too much of their candy, I don't think Kristopher remember's getting the candy, just being spiderman. Me and Kevin both dressed up, it's been awhile since Kevin's been able to be with us on Halloween becasue he usually works. So he was excited to see the boys all dressed up.

Happy 5 year anniversary to my wonderful hubby. Time flies, we've known each other since 1998, 10 years, WOW. I have a great husband that helps out so much, he's such a great daddy and loves me even when I get alittle crazy with my moods.
Here's some pics of our dunes trip over UEA. It was loads of fun!

We watched Zoie at our house when Jamie and Mike took a trip to Texas and my parents watched Joshua. We all decided to to go Thanksgiving point's little Halloween/Fall festival. They got to ride ponies, play games, decorate cookies and got a balloon animal.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So i finally have time to sit down and update this thing since i haven't done anything since August. Well after we got back from Bear lake Noah started school on that next Monday. He's in a split 2nd and 3rd grade class. i wasn't that excited when i heard that he was going to be in it but he's doing good. He's a great speller, good at math and struggling a little with reading comprehesion but he's getting there. This is his first day of school picture, he's getting so big! The begining of September was pretty mellow but the end seemed busy. Ryan and Christy were married on September 26th. The wedding was beautiful, it was up at a campground in Ogden. Christy did such a great job with all her decorations and ideas. I'm so glad that she and Ryan are happy. Here's some pics from that day.

Our little cowboys. Kris wouldn't put that stick down all night. Zoie was such a cute little woodland fairy.

We headed down to the dunes the days after the wedding, first of the season so that was fun.
Here's the boys riding the smaller 4 wheeler that Noah can drive himself. He thought that was pretty cool.

It's also football season so are Sunday's are always busy with BEARS games. All the boys have jerseys in each color, they always look so cute on Sunday's. DA BEARS!!!!!!!!!

I've been crazy busy with work. we are opening a new gym location in TOOELE,UTAH. We set records on our opening days of the pre-sale. I have never seen such large number's on just a pre-sale since I've started with this franchise 5 years ago ( what that means is that the gym isn't even open yet-January is our scheduled opening). I'm now am responsible for our 16 gym franchises. I train, hire and make sure that policies and proceedures are being followed with our front desk staff. It might not sound like alot but I also do alot of the behind the scenes that people don't really see. We started our pre-sale trailer on October first and I think i've worked about 12-15 hours everyday except last Sunday and today. Don't they say that hard work pays off???? Things have died down now so I shouldn't be spending so much time at work.

It's nice to just be hanging out at home tonight, watching it snow outside (yeah it's snowing on October 11th....) and having fun with my family. I think that carmel popcorn is in order plus a movie.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Well we finally went on a camping trip that lasted longer than one night. We went to Bear Lake with the Vela's (Jam,Mike,Zoie and Joshua). We got to help them test their new trailer which was lots of fun. We stayed up St. Charles canyon in the Porcupine campground, it's was really nice and well kept. The first day we didn't get up there until about 5pm so we got set up, cooked our hobo dinners and went to bed. We all decided that we are old and lame. The second day we went down to the beach, the kids had a blast! Christy, Skye and Wynter joined us that day and night. They had lots of fun burying each other in the sand, building castles and digging holes.

The next day we went up to Minnetonka Cave. We walked up and down 888 stairs, it was an even 40 degrees throughout and stays that way year round. The kids did great Kris and Josh got carried most of the way. Needless to say we all got a workout and learned some stuff. Our tour guide was a big cheeseball but we decided that he really liked his job. Other than that we just relaxed.We had some great food and for the most part the kids had fun. There was some occasional whining, crying and fighting, but i think they enjoyed themselves.

Mike and Jamie made a really cool "blast furnace" which is basically a tin can, you put in in the coals of the fire and melt aluminum cans in it. Jamie started it, Mike perfected it. It was really cool. Kevin timed how long it took each to melt, the fastest one was 3seconds, i think. Some dumb camping fun. This was after the kiddos went to bed, don't worry we aren't that bad of examples.........

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Art's Festival

Well it's been awhile since I posted, things have been busy! A couple weekends ago we headed up to the Park City Art's Festival. My boss lives up there and told me about it so I thought it would be something new to do. We walked around for a bit and this is a picture after the boys did the kids arts and crafts, they had lots of fun. Noah made a cool hat and kristopher made an elephant. After walking around we went and played at the Park City Mountain Resort. There were a bunch of blow up slides including this King Kong verses T-Rex, Noah thought it was awesome, Kris took awhile to warm up. Me and Noah also went down the Alpine Slide, it was awesome. They've added a bunch of fun things since I've been up there a roller coaster on the mountain, zip line and a bunch of other stuff. Both the kids were asleep within about five minutes after leaving to go home, they had TONS of fun.

We are getting ready to go camping at Bear Lake next week with Jamie and Mike. We'll be there about 4 days, much needed vacation! Noah starts the second grade on the 25th. He got to go pick out a new back pack last weekend and a few new clothes;which he thought was awesome. Noah is so excited to go back and see his friends. Kevin is dealing with the heat at work, their factory gets up past 100 degrees most days. My job has been busy hiring, training and just dealing with the day to day stuff. Kristopher is just hanging out enjoying being 2, not sure that we are enjoying it. He's seems to be going through the terrible 2's some of the time, good thing he's cute.

We've also been enjoying watching the Olympics. I'm trying to get Noah to watch,he thinks some of it is cool but usually just gets bored and leaves. Me and Kevin are big Phelps fans, the swimming has been awesome. I'll post again when I've got something interesting to say. I have my TEN year reunion this weekend, I think I'm going to go to the afternoon picnic, it would be nice to see a few people....wasn't really that big of a fan of High School.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


WEEEEEEEEEE.............What a dork but I love him.

Finally, our first camping trip of the year. It was only about 45 min from our house. We wen t up past pineview to the South Fork campground. They had really nice spots and there was a river right by us. We went with Jamie,Mike, Lonnie and Angela. The kids had tons of fun playing around. We only stayed one night but it was nice to get away for a bit. Kevin was playing monster trucks around the fire pit. Noah got that Nerf gun with his birthday money, he had a hard time deciding what to but, he told me there was just way to many cool toys.