Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well I really suck at this!

Sometimes I feel like people probably don't think my family is alive anymore, if only their mother and wife was more on the ball. It's been a pretty boring summer for us, not a whole lot that we have done. Me and Kevin have just been working while the kids spent the summer in daycare. It's nice becasue they have lots of activites for the school age kids and they go on lots of local feild trips. Kristopher loves going to daycare and playing with his friends. We had a new family move in a few weeks ago and they have a bot that just turned 4 and kristopher says Parker is his best friend now. That's the first thing he askes to do when he wakes up and gets home from daycare, "Can I go play with Parker?" They probably wish they hadn't moved in......Noah's first day of third grade is tomorrow, he is REALLY excited to go back to school, he has 2 teachers this year, but it's only a third grade class. Last year he was in a split 2nd/3rd grade class. Kristpoher will start preschool on the 31st and he's really excited too, he want's do do everything his big brother does. Kevin is working at Utility trailer again and we pray everyday for trailer orders to come in. Things are looking good and they are staying pretty busy. Gold's Gym is doing well and I'm staying busy as always hiring and training people plus all the other tasks that I do or that get thrown on me. I am doing well health wise, my A1C is getting better and I'm hoping to be getting the continuos blood glucose monitor here in the next couple months, which means that I will have a sensor attached to me that will read my blood sugar's all the time. My finger's will be able to have a break.
We really haven't had any vacations this summer but Kevin's parents came to speak at the Pioner Bible camp they have been doing on and off for many years. They stayed for a week. Noah is finally old enough to go to the camp so he got to spend the entire week with Grandpa and Grandma Romanosky. He had so much fun and made alot of new friends. When we were packing all his stuff we gave him Kevin's old bible to take with him for bible study, he said " Mom, do I have to read this whole thing this week??" He was relieved to find out he didn't have to, but could if he wanted.

After my car accident in April, my car stayed down in St. George to get fixed, when it was ready we headed out to go pick it up. We we hit Nephi we decided to stop and get a bite to eat at Wendy's. Thankfully we did stop because apparently we had a crack in the radiator of the blazer that ended up needing to be replaced. So I told everyone that no more trips to St. George for me becasue SOMETHING always happens to my vehicles.

Anyways I guess everyone is up to date with my family for now. I'm sure everyone's stopped checking my blog since I never update it so SUPRISE!


Hollie and Mike Christiansen said...

I never lose faith that you will one day put pictures on here and I was right..jsut kidding I have it automatically update me. :) Anyway, it was great fun to see the boys and how they are doing. They should be getting some scotland postcards in the mail you can ignore my comments about getting pictures from you. :) Love you guys. I love your short hair..very cute!

Christy Jo and Ryan said...

you do not! love you just wish we saw you more!!! soon k!

TokenLiberal said...

You are right about "watching and hoping," but it's always worth the wait! I LOVE your pictures and appreciate the news. You all are so great -- and I am proud to have such beautiful and talented nieces!
Auntie L